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Why Is America So Sick?


My recorded presentations and my book help answer some of these questions. As a nutritional support educator I have learned most mainstream medical physicians have very little nutritional training and approach illness and disease from the perspective of surgery and drugs. I believe the body is a fantastic healing machine and given the raw materials it needs, does an amazing job of healing itself.  

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Why is America So Sick - 2 CD set

Part 1 Digestion

Part 2 Hormones 


To promote optimal health we need proper nutritional supplementation. This can be acheived only by using healthy, organic, whole foods and quality minerals, vitamins, amino acids and essential fatty acids. We also must ensure we are digesting and absorbing. That requires a healthy digestive system. The Digestion CD helps you understand what is needed to ensure healthy digestion and recognize the things you may unknowingly be doing each day, to sabotage your health.  


So many people today suffer needlessly because they are hormonally imbalanced. Many don't realize that is the problem. The Hormone CD discusses the many aspects of endocrine health. Knowing how eating the Standard American Diet contributes to hormonal imbalance and the inability of the body to properly regulate our hormones, helps us better understand some major hormonal issues such as infertility and adrenal fatigue.  


Price: $7.50 Plus $2.50 S&H Total $10.00 (USA only)

Outside of US please contact for shipping cost.




Why Is America So Sick the book
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Why Is America So Sick - Linking Digestive Health To Immunity and Hormonal Issues


I have taken what I have studied over the last several years and put what I learned and know to be true through my experience, into an easy to read book. As an internationally recognized speaker and radio show host, I am often asked if I have a book. The answer now is, yes. I explore the many sources of our health concerns and how making certain lifestyle changes leads to better health. What we eat and the quality of our digestive system impacts our health from all aspects. I have had the opportunity to help individuals the world over for many years and what I have shared with them, I now share in part, with you in my book. This book concisely pinpoints why Americans – and indeed, people in many countries – are becoming ever more sick; not knowing why.    


Price $17.95 Plus $6.05 S&H Total $24.00 

(USA only) Outside of US please contact for shipping cost.

mall Case (22 books) - $286 Plus $12.65 S&H Total $298.65

Email case or large orders to




You Are What You Digest - Understanding the Gut-Brain Connection

In this 2 CD set I explore the connection between our brains and our gut (digestive track).  The importance of good gut health is explored in my other CD's, but this set goes beyond and explains the very direct connection between our gut and our brain.  


Price $15 (includes S&H USA orders only)  International orders need to be made directly with me to get correct shipping and handling charges.









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The 90 For Life Forum Call


Learning to be healthy at any age. For the last 19 years or so I have shared timely health information during my Tuesday night conference call. I take this opportunity to discuss some of the more frequently encountered health concerns people face each day. This is a fast paced 30 minute call covering my topic of the week. Health challenges such as diabetes, cardiovascular disease, depression, GI issues, hormonal issues, neurological diseases like ADD/ADHD and Alzheimer’s, and the toxic world we live in are some of the more popular topics I discuss. I also discuss the supplements I recommend to help support the body system involved. I share my opinions on some very controversial topics and current recommended approaches and often invite guest experts to share. Life is too short and our health too precious to take any of it for granted. Learning what researchers are discovering as potential contributors to ill health and the supplement recommendations to help correct these challenges, provides call participants with knowledge to make healthier lifestyle choices. Recently I have changed to the ZOOM format.

Phone number 929 205 6099

Meeting ID#330 591 3318

8 pm ET, 7 pm CT, 6 pm MT and 5 pm PT. 


Free except where long distance charges apply. 

Wholetones Healing

Discover the power of healing music. We are discovering we can use music to heal, repair, and protect against disease. Over the last several years I have used the Wholetones Healing in my personal life. I know without these healing tones, I would not be the person I've become.


Click logo or here to learn more.

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