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I approach all-natural medicine from a very unique perspective. Having worked in the medical field for 40 years, I had the opportunity to experience Western medicine/conventional medicine working in the trenches, if you will. My knowledge does not come from some articles I read. I was there. I saw it happen. I had the experience and I can help you because of those experiences. 

A Personal Story - My Son & Eczema


This relationship and impact between good gut health and immunity was clearly demonstrated to me many years ago. In fact, the story I’m about to share is what drove my passion to help other people understand the impact of good digestive health.


When my son was two years old (he’s now almost 22 and is not fond of me telling the story), he developed a bad ear infection and strep throat. It took three rounds of antibiotics to kill the infection. During the third course of antibiotics, he developed a horrible diarrhea and became very dehydrated.  His little eyes were sunken with big dark circles around them, and he looked horribly sick. At that time, I knew enough to recognize that we had killed off his good healthy bacteria, and I went to the pharmacy and was able to get Lactobacillus acidophilus. After starting this regimen, within 24 hours my son’s diarrhea subsided and he was much improved. However, within a few short weeks, he developed horrible eczema. This was not a mild case of eczema.  It was down his back, across his bum, behind his knees, in the bends of his arms, under his arms, and across his scalp.


As a caring mom, I took him to his pediatrician. The only suggestion offered was a course of steroids. Well, I knew enough about steroids to be very concerned. I knew he already had a problem with his immune system due to the issue at hand. Understanding the impact of steroid therapy on adrenal function, I simply said, no. From time to time we would use mild steroid creams when the condition got out of hand, as it often did. For eight years he lived with this condition. It was recognized he had lactose intolerance, because if he consumed dairy products like ice cream or cheese, he would have what I call a “flare” where his eczema would become very weepy and more irritated. So he ate very little in terms of dairy. Recognizing wheat as a potential allergen, he ate very little of that, although we never did observe an obvious link between wheat consumption and the eczema flares. We tried oatmeal baths, we tried lotions, we tried creams, we tried everything topically I could possibly find with only minimal improvement. We started taking high quality nutritional supplementation. The eczema got better, but never really went away. We increased his essential fatty acids and it improved, but again, never went away.


One afternoon I had occasion to discuss his issues with two naturopathic friends. The questioning went along the lines of whether or not he had ever had a course of antibiotics, to which I shared the story and told them that I had given him Lactobacillus acidophilus. The response was that I had only done part of the job. In fact, I needed to give him more strains of probiotic and be more strict with his diet, especially with dairy and wheat. Well, at the age of 10, I sat him down and told him no dairy and no wheat. Of course his response was, “Ma, what am I going to eat?” I told him we would try this for a couple of weeks and if we did not see a marked improvement, we would continue to look for the answer.


As God is my witness, within three days his eczema was so much better I couldn’t believe it. Within five days it was gone. The eczema he had lived with for eight years was literally gone. I was amazed!  How could probiotics fix this problem so quickly? At this point I began my ongoing research which has led to my understanding and knowledge of probiotics and good gut health.


Interesting things that I learned and observed in my son were not only did the eczema clear up; he no longer had lactose intolerance. It did not matter if he ate ice cream or cheese, these things did not bother him and caused no evidence of eczema. About six years after his recovery, we were on vacation and, although he had been very healthy up until that time, he was worn down by late night study for exams and trying to get ready for spring break. His immune system wavered and he developed a bad strep throat. I was able to get a course of antibiotics and, within 24 hours of starting his antibiotic, we were already seeing evidence of eczema. He looked at me and simply said, “Ma, don’t worry about it; as soon as were home I’ll start my probiotics.”  Upon our return home, he started his probiotics and digestive enzymes and within 24 hours his eczema was clearing and within three days was completely gone again. This experience made a believer out of me. If the simple act of cleaning up the diet, taking probiotics and digestive enzymes on top of all the healthy nutrition he was already taking was all it took to clear up the eczema, I wanted the world to know.

In sharing this message with all who will listen and with much research and study on my part, I have helped many people conquer conditions related to an unhealthy gut. Allergies, autoimmune diseases, fibromyalgia, chronic fatigue syndrome, rheumatoid arthritis, lupus, the list goes on and on. The human body is a fantastic healing machine and if you give it the raw materials it needs, and ensure that you are putting only healthy nutrients into the precious internal environment while periodically cleaning out the detox pathways, you will be much healthier and, of course, happier.

A Client Story - Sarcoidosis


I am frequently contacted by people looking of the answer. Many have been to their medical doctor and have been treated for many years with medications and therapies costing them and their insurance companies a lot of money. They simply are not any better and in many cases, they are much worse; often told there is nothing more that can be done. They are told their symptoms will continue to get worse, the drugs will treat the symptoms for a while and once all possible drugs regimens are exhausted, they will die.


Knowing the body is a fantastic healing machine and given the raw materials it needs, along with the elimination of foods and toxins that have created the condition in the first place, it will heal and correct itself.


The following is a story of one wonderfully stubborn lady who reluctantly started to follow my direction on the insistence of her daughter. My client, like so many other older people, felt her doctors were very kind and caring. She had been told sarcoidosis was her diagnosis and although there were drugs to help with the symptoms, they were doing everything they possibly could to treat her symptoms but she would not get better. She went through repeated hospitalizations and was on several prescription meds requiring oxygen pretty much around the clock.


I received a call from her daughter who had heard about my approach and successes and wanted to know if I could help her mom. Sarcoidosis is a severe and often fatal autoimmune disorder that was affecting her lungs. She had was on steroids, oxygen and other medications to help her breathe and maintain healthy oxygen levels. She lived alone in Louisiana; her daughter contacting me lived in Texas. Her daughter felt the situation was dire and was willing to do whatever it took to help mom get better.


I recommended my usual approach; cleaning up her diet, improving the health and function of her digestive system, addressing the inflammatory process that led to her autoimmune condition, boosting her immune system and because of the tremendous physical and emotional stress; supporting her adrenal function.

This was overwhelming for her mom who was barely able to get around and care for herself. She had no energy and little ability to care for herself properly. Her funds were dwindling. She had no one close who could help her and her meals were prepackaged, processed food out of a box because that was all she had the strength to manage. To overcome all of these obstacles, her daughter drove to LA and brought her home to TX where she could care for her, feed her healthy foods and ensure she took her supplements. This was a big challenge for both as mom didn’t want to leave her home feeling she may never come back, and daughter had a family and financial troubles of her own.


About two weeks after arriving in TX I got a call from mom telling me she just wanted me to know she was outside in the yard without her oxygen on and she felt so much better. The decision was made for her to stay in TX until she was strong enough to return home. During her stay, her daughter encouraged her to start preparing healthy foods and insisted she take all her supplements as I had recommended.


Progressively she improved to the point she wore her oxygen only at night and that was only if she remembered to put it on. After being in TX with her daughter for a couple of months she returned home. Her daughter was concerned she might fall into her old eating habits and fail to take her supplements. However, mom was better and determined to stay that way. I speak with her frequently and each time she shares with me a story about her latest adventure, that she is feeling great and how her doctors are amazed she is doing so well.


Her journey took commitment on her part and sacrifice on the part of her daughter. Lifestyle changes don’t come easy for some and especially when they have fallen into the habit of eating unhealthy foods. Once she learned how cleaning up her diet and removing all the “bad” foods could help change the way she felt and improve her health, she committed to making that change and has stuck with it. She feels much better taking supplements that help build her body and not medications that continually break it down. Our bodies do not get healthier while taking medications; but improve significantly in most cases while taking healthy whole food supplements. I have been on a mission sharing this message for almost two decades now. They only people I have worked with who don’t get better are those who either don’t make the lifestyle changes and clean up their diets or don’t take the recommended supplements or both. We all have a choice and making the healthy choice always works better.  

I have been on nutritional products for the past 13 years and have seen many benefits but continued to struggle with extreme digestion issues; stomach problems and constipation my whole life. I learned all my issues came from poor absorption and an unhealthy digestive system. I had fibromyalgia and my doctor said I would be crippled in a few years and unable to work. Other issues were arthritis, carpal tunnel from house cleaning, rashes all over my body, severe itchy skin that often broke in hives, hair falling out, and fatigue. 

I went to a meeting where I met Dr. Joanne Conaway. She was talking about different conditions that result from poor absorption and an unhealthy gut.  I was in every category she talked about.  I followed her protocol closely and have been amazed at the results.  With the enzymes, probiotics and proper nutrition that she talks about, my body is normalizing in ways I was told from the medical profession I never would.  I never go without my flora and enzymes. Thank you Dr. Conaway!!                             


Riverton, UT


I am a 63 year old male with a history of doing things that are hard on my body.  After severe motorcycle accident at age 17 I was told I had compressed my spine, knocked most of my vertebrae out of place and ripped ligaments out of my neck.  At that time the doctor told me to never wear a headset, hard hat or anything on my head and even then I could look forward to living in severe back pain by my 40’s.  I did not listen to them, joined the Air Force, flew high performance jets and helicopters for the next 25 years and proved the doctor was right.  I thought living in pain was just a way of life until I met Dr. Conaway.  She introduced me to Naturopathy and to Dr. Wallach’s vitamins and minerals and I soon found I was pain free and have remained pain free for the past several years.  I am now a great fan of Naturopathy and Dr. Conaway.



I have suffered from tummy issues all of my life. As a five year old girl, medical doctors began running tests to try and determine why I had stomach aches all the time. When they could not find a cause they attributed it to stress. Really? I was five!  

As I grew up, I learned to live with the discomforts and even began to assume that everyone else felt the same way as I did. It was my normal. About a year ago, I learned from Dr. Conaway that I could easily address the pain, bloating, and discomfort. With hope I applied her protocol and within days I began to feel the difference. 

By the time I completed the protocol, the intestinal problems I had lived with all of my life were erased. For the first time I knew what it was like to NOT have pain! Now whenever I have discomfort I know that something is “off” and I return to her simple protocol. Problem solved! I can't thank her enough!


Mesa, AZ


Dr. Conaway is so knowledgeable but more importantly than that, she is an attentive listener and genuinely cares. After struggling with digestion and other health obstacles since I was fifteen, my mom and I have searched for solutions. As the years went on I began to feel hopeless. Working with Dr. Conaway has allowed me to believe I can once again find my optimal health. For that I cannot thank her enough.  

Scottsdale, AZ


“Before starting the Flora Program, I suffered with terrible constipation, bloating, headaches and fatigue.  After starting the program in combination with the Healthy Body Pack, not only did I lose 30lbs within 30 days but I gained more energy. I am happier than ever.  These Youngevity products are amazing! Thanks Dr. Conaway for sharing this program.



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