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Lectures / Seminars


Knowledge is power. Until we understand some of the challenges created by certain foods we eat and the impact certain lifestyle habits have on our health, how can we know what changes we should make?


During my lectures and seminars I present the latest information available to help us understand how today's foods, medications, and hidden toxins affect our overall health. I address the impact of these choices on digestive system health and how that affects immune system health and health in general. Understanding how what we do or don’t do can change our health and our lives offers the opportunity to make informed choices. 


I offer my lectures and seminars to groups of any size and can arrange

to conduct these trainings in a webcast format. 








It is often difficult to find someone who has 40 plus years’ experience in conventional medicine with a knowledge of nutrition, supplementation, and a 20 year history sharing an all-natural approach to health and wellness. If you are lucky enough to find that someone, it is usually difficult for them to find the time to answer all your questions.


That is why I have set up my consulting practice the way I have. Some want individual consulting and that is available. Some want to take advantage of group consulting to get a better rate. In addition, many find they benefit more while in an environment where there is dialogue among friends stimulating discussion and group thinking to improve collective knowledge. From my perspective, it is fun and educational either way. Group training also helps those wanting to share information and build a business of their own.








CD's / Book


Over the last 20 years I have lectured on the importance of nutritional supplementation and the role of the digestive system in our overall health and wellness. Much has been revealed in the last several years and we are learning more each day. Our digestive health impacts every system in the body. New research reveals the important role a healthy digestive system plays in getting us the nutrition we need and why an unhealthy digestive system impacts every other system. This negative impact leads to cardiovascular disease, endocrine disorders like diabetes and hormonal challenges, autoimmune disorders, and neurological problems like depression, Alzheimer’s, ADD/ADHD and so on.   


My more popular lectures on these subjects are recorded and available in CD format. Much of that same content and more is provided in my book, “Why Is America So Sick?”  











Products I Endorse
While working with clients over the last  four decades I have learned we are not all the same, however, wellness requires many of the same nutrients each day. There are many doctors who only run tests and determine specific nutrient needs based on those tests. While I feel this approach has merit in some cases, as a general rule I find these tests unnecessary, costly and insufficient in determining specific nutritional needs. My approach is different. For example I know lab values outside “normal limits” mean the body has done everything it can do to correct itself and is now deplete of necessary nutrients and no longer able to correct. I also recognize if one value is off, others are probably off as well, just not enough to be outside the normal range. Sadly, many vital nutrients are not tested for at all. For this reason, I approach wellness from a holistic methodology where I look at the whole person (Body, Mind and Spirit). I approach nutritional needs with whole foods and proper supplementation. The supplements I recommend include vitamins, minerals, amino acids, essential fatty acids, enzymes, prebiotics, probiotics, and herbal tinctures. This supplemental approach along with cleansing, detoxing, and digestive system support has helped many return to a healthier, happier life. This approach can help you too. The products I endorse are the best, most complete I have found and you can read more about them by clicking below to see the entire product line.
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