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There are two things that are consistently important to people. Their health and their finances. Lack in either of these areas can make life miserable and abundance in each area can make life wonderful. I offer you solutions in both areas.


The first thing to understand is medicine is not healthcare, it is sickness care. You are taking the medicine because you are sick, not because you are healthy. Nutrition, giving the body what it needs, is healthcare.


"The disease treatment paradigm accepted by conventional medical practitioners creates a crisis management mentality. Individuals receive the most health care not while healthy but when in dire straits, often after arriving at the emergency room suffering from a serious ailment. It is at that time when the individual is least able to fend for him or herself and is most willing to accept any medical recommendation in the hopes of recovery. It is at that time when individuals are most vulnerable to the foibles of modern medicine: to receipt of a wrong diagnosis, to receipt of a dangerous prescription drug, and to receipt of the wrong intervention. Rationality gives way to urgent need. 


Moreover, the entire paradigm for medicine, from the local clinic to the FDA drug approval process depends on drug interventions for the treatment of disease and symptoms of disease. The approach often avoids a cure in favor of masking signs and symptoms of disease in the hope that the body will cure itself. While youthful patients can fare well with recovery, older ones do not ordinarily. While we depend on nutrients to repair and restore the body to normal, modern medicine views dietary supplementation and nutritional interventions with a jaundiced eye, albeit increasingly more conventional practitioners are coming to realize that they must embrace nutrition. 


Dr. Joanne Conaway offers a different approach. Dr. Conaway recognizes that longevity is dependent upon healthy interventions that are best adopted when we are not in extremis but when we are still on our own two feet and that those interventions depend upon vigilant application throughout life. Dr. Conaway prescribes changes in diet and lifestyle, with a particular emphasis on gut health. She seeks to empower the individual to transform his or her own health without heavy reliance on crisis intervention from conventional medicine. She is not an enemy of conventional medicine, having been conventionally trained and experienced, but she is very definitely a friend of natural medicine. In particular, she wants to enable each of us, through education about wise food, supplementation, and lifestyle choices, to correct the dire course America now experiences through informed self-help." 


          - Jonathan W. Emord



Wealth is created when there is a new opportunity; a paradigm shift. Those who move into the new paradigm will reap the benefits of the shift. We have seen many of these shifts in the past years, computers, aviation, internet, cell phones, etc. Those who recognized the shift and moved to take advantage of the shift made money, lots of money.  


Today there is another paradigm shift taking place. People who for decades have blindly followed their doctor's advice are finding themselves on medications for the rest of their lives and they still feel sick. These people are asking "is there a better way?" This leads us to the first paradigm shift. People are looking for answers and alternatives to living a life on medication and not feeling better. Furthermore, there is a second paradigm shift taking place right now and that is people are discouraged with falling wages and working longer hours, just to make ends meet. People are looking for a "better way" to earn money. The business opportunity I present has afforded me a comfortable lifestyle while allowing me to retire early from a full-time job. That in turn has allowed me the time to work with people helping them learn to improve their health and their wealth. From my perspective, there is no better way to make a living. In studying successful people I have learned that income is often tied directly to a person's value.  If you can show others how to step out of the rat race, feel better and make more money; in many cases substantially more money, you will be of great value to others.


This business opportunity is a way to take advantage of both of these paradigm shifts at the same time. Many others have recognized the paradigm shift. They have taken the necessary steps to provide what so many people want and need. They say one picture is worth a thousand words, so one video must be worth many times more. Rather than try to explain it in words, I offer you the following video.


If you are interested in what you see I would love to have you on my team and to work personally with you. So please contact me and I will show you the details on how to build your business.



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