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STATIN DRUGS - Making you older faster!

For years those of us in the all-natural, "alternative" (always makes me crazy using that term as what we do is what has been done for centuries – what medicine does now is alternative to that) field have known the dangers of statins. With each passing day we learn of friends and loved ones who suffer the consequences of taking these harmful drugs. Sometimes we don’t know because the effects are subtle and sometimes not identified until it is too late. Take a few minutes to read this and add the information to your list of why you should not be taking these drugs. Then look up “are statin drugs really safe”. There you will learn researchers have known of the dangers for many years yet these are still in the category of “most prescribed medications”. How can the list of sides effects like memory loss, muscle pain, diabetes, cataracts, liver dysfunction, diabetes, fatigue and getting older faster be preferable to eating healthy, taking supplements and getting enough rest, exercise and clean water. We need to recognize that cholesterol does not cause heart disease! The toxic soup we live in and the SAD (Standard American Diet) diet most of us consume each day loaded with CRAP (Carbonated Beverages and Caffeine, Refine flours and sugars, Alcohol and Artificial sweeteners, and highly Processed foods loaded with Preservatives) along with all the gluten and GMO’s are what is causing heart disease. It is not all in your genes and just because you are getting older; it is a result of your environment and your lifestyle choices. Knowledge is power and the choice is yours.

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