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EMF - Electromagnetic Fields

EMF – Electromagnetic Fields – Impact on your health

Most likely, you’ve heard the term EMF, but are they a real thing and do they affect us as humans?

If they are real, why do I need to be concerned? How do they affect me? Is there anything I can do to limit the affects? These are all very good questions.

Much of what is out there is research trying to discount the impact of EMF’s. Think about it this way. Do you own a cell phone? Do you have a computer? Does Alexa turn your livingroom lights on and off when asked? Do you own a TV, have a washer and dryer, and on and on?

I think you get the picture. Even if you don’t have a computer or cell phone, you are surrounded by electricity unless you live off the grid in a place in the middle of the woods. If that is you, chances are you’re not reading this right now.

Do I have electrical activity in my body? Let’s consider that for a minute. When a person has an EKG done what are they checking if not the electrical activity of the heart? EKG means ELECTROcardiogram. We are taught the cells of the myocardium (heart muscle) conduct electricity just like nerves. Nerves conduct electricity. Consider an EEG, an ELECTROencephalogram, an ELECTROphysiological monitoring method that monitors the electrical activity of the brain. Yes, there is electrical activity in your body. Medical testing relies on it every day.

If you do live in this world and have electrical devices, imagine what your life would be like if you didn’t have those things. We do live in this world, the impact of electromagnetic fields is very real, and we need to know what we can do to limit the affect and the negative impact on our lives, our food, our health, and our future.

To learn more, go to, put in my email address: and you will be given access to many different lectures on various topics of concern. This information is provided at no cost to you. Knowing more and understanding what is available to help protect you, your family and friends is vital.

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