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Brushing your teeth is dangerous!

If you use toothpaste that contains harmful ingredients like FLUORIDE! I know for most of my life I used fluoride toothpaste and each time I went to the dentist I got one of those special fluoride treatments. That is they way many of us were brought up. On top of that, most of us drank tap water much of which has fluoride in it. For that matter, most beverages are made using water with fluoride in it.

This past week I had a special guest, Dr. Paul Connett, on my radio show. Dr. Connett shared with us many of the dangers of fluoride. I was not aware there are 50 studies that have linked fluoride with reduce IQ in children. I was also not aware that 97% of western Europe has rejected water fluoridation. Yet, if you live in the US, Australia, New Zealand and several other countries over 50% of the population is drinking fluoridated water. Further, the amount of fluoride is not being monitored, it is a neurotoxin, and can affect the brain, it accumulates in the body, the list goes on and on. In fact, at and, you can find 50 reasons to reject fluoride.

I invite you to visit those sites for an eye opening look at how harmful fluoride really is. The scientific research is available to support all the negative claims. Something needs to be done to put a stop to this madness! Get a copy of the book, The Case Against Fluoride and join me in sharing the facts; letting our voices be heard.

Stop drinking tap water, stop drinking any beverages made with water because they probably contain fluoridated water, stop using fluoride toothpaste. There are options. Install a Reverse osmosis system unless you have well water tested to be safe. Prepare your healthy teas, coffee, and energy drinks with water that is not fluoridated, and use a toothpaste that is fluoride and sodium lauryl sulfate free. Contact me for recommendations.

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